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Locura Radio Show’s mission is to bring a positive and crazy spin to your week, immerse yourself with comical and deep conversation, impractical host’s, and a DJ spinning the latest jam’s.


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Born and raised in Orlando, FL, I was influenced heavily by Hip-Hop. The first album I ever purchased was Kanye West College Drop Out. After researching more music, I was influenced by amazing artists such as The Roots, Lauryn Hill, Fat Man Scoop, Grand Master Flash, and more. 

I wanted to become a DJ after listening to a Grand Master Flash album on a vinyl record player, shortly after that I became obsessed with how the turntables worked. The rest is history.

Locura radio host

I’M FRANK ROSE! I grew up listening to the radio, and it was a huge part of my everyday life. I fell asleep listening to the radio and woke up having music as my alarm. I believe music can change vibes and enhance experiences. 

I rap, sing, and have been learning to play guitar. I literally can’t do anything without a good song in a background, and I am constantly making music playlists. You will see me shopping and randomly have to stop everything I’m doing to Shazam a song.

I was born in Puerto Rico and my father was in the military so we moved around a lot. We ended up in Florida when I was five and I have been a true Florida boy ever since. Since we moved so much, I was used to being a new kid. It’s helped me a lot in every part of my life to adapt to situations and bring a balance of optimism and keepin’ it real. 
My Mom is a hairstylist so I ended up following in her footsteps. I am a stylist and a barber and own my own studio salon. My favorite part of being a hairstylist is that I am able to boost my client’s self-esteem and make them sexy. 😉 I also have one person in my chair for long periods at a time and I have to maintain a conversation. It has brought my “new kid” personality to almost every situation and it has totally come in handy being a stylist. 
I’m known for my curly fro, my sense of humor, my boss babe wife and my love of tacos. I’m a little too obsessed with coffee (I love a good cold brew) and my go-to drink is an old-fashioned. 

When I am not working in the salon, working on music or hanging out with the wifey – I unwind with a good video game like a total nerd. I love comic books, comedy, movies and keeping up with pop and political culture with shows like “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”.

I also love traveling, eating local, finding a new bar or coffee shop and going to concerts. 

Being on Locura is the perfect blend of all of my passions – music, comedy, keepin’ it real. Especially since I always try to find the funny in everything- even the serious stuff which is sometimes #toosoon. You will find me being the practical jokester on the show but adding a little love and humor to the serious moments. I love making people feel included and inspired and hope you experience some of these moments on the show.
locura radio host

Michael is a flight attendant by day and standup comedian by night. Unless it’s a Friday night and, in that case, he becomes your friendly neighborhood hype man on Locura Radio Show!

He has two younger siblings, and only half of them bully Michael. Even though Orlando, Florida is home, he is a man who takes a piece of everywhere he visits with him. Because of this, he enjoys many different genres of music from all over the globe, but mostly hip-hop and all things 90s.

Michael enjoys a good day at the theme parks laughing at tourists, as well as a good few hours of Cards Against Humanity with friends, reading books, writing jokes and going to the movies. His love for geek culture is only matched by his love for food.

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Val is a dating and relationship coach, podcaster, and blogger for ValsBytes.com based out of Orlando, Florida who is in love with falling in love. She feels her calling in the world is to help those get through the tough times and to celebrate the wins. All with a hint of positivity. Her content is dating, and relationship related ranging from getting into the dating world to balancing your marriage when you are attacked with outside distractions.

Val grew up in as a military brat as her dad served the U.S. Army for over 25 years. She was born in Germany and lived in Oklahoma and Louisiana before settling in Florida. She has her bachelors in management and masters in business administration.

Val has always had a passion for music. Joining the Locura Radio Show family was a natural fit.

She is currently married and a dog mom to an American Bulldog named Rosco.